What To Look For When Renting The Car In Nepal

Nepal is one of the unique and best countries located in Asia. It is a highly recommended destination for planning a trip whether it is a family vacation or solo trip because of its diversity in culture, tradition, and landscape. Driving in Nepal is never be frightened of because the country has good roads. Additionally, the country has a great freeway and A1 that is easy to navigate.

When it comes to Car Rental in Nepal, you will find a number of options, which includes many luxury and standard cars to choose from. Though car hire is extremely easy in Nepal, it is vital to take note of the traffic laws of the country as it may differ from one country to another. Are you looking to Hire a car in Nepal? Well, you can take help from the below mentioned tips.

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Tips to rent the car in Nepal

Not like other countries, renting the car in Nepal is not a daunting task. Once you have started looking at the car rental, you must consider the following things carefully. Before getting into the list further, keep in mind that you must know everything about the rental company you are going to hire.

• Always book your Car Rental in Kathmandu during the summer season and never book the car when you arrive

• When renting the car, be aware of one-way car rental fees. In addition, be prepared to pay the additional fee to pick up and return at the airport

• To avoid this fee, always think about your route and then choose the right place to pick up and drop off

• Based on your needs, you should rent the car. For example, go for the smallest car to go for a solo trip. Look for slightly bigger one for a family trip to accommodate luggage. For groups, opt for vans.

• You will obtain an extra fee to pick up and drop off your vehicle at two different destinations. This is why it is important to know about rules, costs, and extra charges involved in car renting service before hiring them

• Most of the cars available for rent have the manual transmission. If you wish, you can go for automatic by paying an extra charge

• Ensure whether the car you rent has all the safety features such as belt and make your travel convenient. Additionally, know the documents such as license required to driving in Nepal

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